A time for synthesis and inflection

Text by Rosa Queralt


S.T. | 2013 | Óleo, acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 101 x 72 cm

A time for synthesis and inflection

but also of rupture is produced in 2013 when confronted by a new project which maps a period of recession in an urban space in Barcelona, though it could be any city if it weren’t for the background of greyish pink that we associate with the Catalan capital. Formally the role of cartographer is refined by the incorporation of fragments of maps and aerial views. The images which make up that landscape show paradoxes, embody a model of reality which you approach via different and found representations, perspectives and ideas.

This body of work has been growing since Krisiari buruz (On Recession) from the previous year, in which Idoia Montón is aware that the practice of painting must be radicalised, an archaic medium in a world saturated by visual arts, though equally as valid today as any other form of expression or discipline, since it offers the possibility to think of the reality from open, transparent and permeable positions. Painting should become a possible map, a two-dimensional territory code telling us what the world is like and helping us understand it. And it’s undoubtedly a language in situating the image in a place notable for its capacity to generate multiple sensations.


S.T. | 2013 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 200 x 72 cm


S.T. | 2013 | Óleo, acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 119,6 x 72 cm