Art and life merge definitively

Text by Rosa Queralt


Reflejo en la KM | 2009 | Óleo y acrílico sobre tabla | 48 x 68 cm

Art and life merge definitively

to find a means of expression appropriate to connecting with the natural course of existence. In responding to issues such as composition, colour, texture, the format, the borders or the space and letting certain matters choose her so she can paint them, she feels able to extract from the residual discourse – a product of the historical weight of painting- the possibility to work in the search of meaning and not of assertion. The quality and intensity of the experience and the reality of the process of working, are essential because they are what make the images visible in pictorial language, and it is in this way that you can talk about non-verbal, visual thought, which is also largely tactile. It is the process that creates the how and why and that is why it is essential: the work is a consequence of its development and this tells it which way to go. Whatever the circumstances, we must sacrifice everything to the possibility of discovery, and for this reason Idoia Montón’s terrain is mutant, a place which maintains a feeling of vague control, in which time ranges between the immediacy of the surface and presences that reach dimensions beyond the our reality.

She continues the exploration of different techniques and media. If each work confronts the situation into which it is embodied and incorporates episodes of her life, it’s logical that she returns to drawing; the direct process; using the pencil, the brush or pen as perceptive antennas, which the creative exercise itself tends to direct. The drawings may be autonomous or serve as a basis for development in subsequent proposals.


S.T. | 1996 | Óleo sobre tabla | 57 x 39 cm


Bilbao | 1999 | Acrílico sobre tabla | 24 x 50 cm


S. T. | 1995 | Óleo sobre tabla | 50 x 38,3 cm


Sisógenes | 1997 | Tinta y acrílico sobre papel | 21 x 31 cm


La mano y la carne | 1997 | Acrílico sobre cartón | 31,5 x 21,5 cm



Luis Fernando, Sisógenes, Presencias… | 1997 | Tinta sobre papel | 21 x 31 cm


S. T. | 1997 | Tinta y acrílico sobre papel | 30 x 21 cm