From flatness a renewed notion of space

Texto por Rosa Queralt


S.T. | 2011 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 75 x 105 cm

From flatness a renewed notion of space

arises as she advances possible forms of representation in her practice. She goes back to some ideas she had started to develop in relation to flat painting, in search of a conceptual framework on which to base her performance, although the analysis is usually subsequent to approaching the work. She also wants to explore new things, she doesn’t mind doing it blindly, a state or process she’s never abandoned or renounced. Neither then nor during the following period does she have the intention of creating a prefigured climate. Images whose narratives begin to diverge appear like a non-rationalized necessity, though they come from memories or often readings. It is while working that she really starts understanding them. She lets her imagination flow. The decisions she makes are of a formal nature, however much she wants to break with certain ideas of style.

The passage of time has confirmed one of the greatest skills of the artist: her talent for the combination and simultaneity of scenes in a constant study of space and elements that inhabit it. From recent examples, and of the most emblematic for its great boldness, we’ll take an untitled painting from 2011: a depiction of a cold bare setting accentuating her analytical objectives, in which she opts for an illusionist alternative despite representing it through collage, a proposal that brings to mind the “ Interiors” of Richard Hamilton from the 1960s, ground-breaking in the construction of a personal and innovative voice.


S.T. | 2011 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 40 x 51 cm


Explotación colonialista | 2011 | Collage | 48 x 44 cm


El edificio de la playa | 1992 | Collage sobre tabla | 153 x 137 cm