One stretch of road covered opens up to another to the future

Text by Rosa Queralt


Krisiari buruz | 2012 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 210 x 120 cm

One stretch of road covered opens up to another to the future

and does so with two emblematic works: Krisiari Buruz (On recession) 2012 which makes way for later works shown in the previous block and Anunciación en Virgen del Carmen 6 (Annunciation of the Virgin Carmen 6) painted the following year in which a rebel angel confined to earth emerges from the gutter to instigate its resurrection. Both works are selected as the culmination of a synthetic approximation to the huge dedication and extensive production in art of Idoia Montón. The choice is above all the result of a turning point in her successive developments in linguistics, although her connection with reality has for the last two decades refused to be negotiable.

Passing through ever changing terrains is undoubtedly one of the most evident traits of her multi-faceted personality. She needs to reinvent herself daily; her desire is measured by her willingness to give up the known for discovery of unknown parameters and in this way stirring up the traces of yesterday’s experience. She’s not interested in drawing a straight line to get from one place to another, but in walking on broken trails that branch out into other variants, therefore seldom repeating the same journey. However, we shouldn’t separate one era from another-they constitute a whole: works, genres, techniques, and processes, integrating with each other, one helps the other advance and they complement each other and each is an expression of itself. Flashes, intuitions reflections, work, for a journey with no route map. Because as Ezra Pound pointed out, man discovers it from the boat in which he sails and only in as much as he went on would it become visible. But he never sees it as a whole, only as a process.


Anunciación en Virgen del Carmen 6 | 2012 | Acrílico y collage sobre papel | 174 x 120,4 cm