The painting within the painting

Text by Rosa Queralt


Taller | 2010 | Acrílico y collage sobre soportes diversos | 80 x 120 cm

The painting within the painting

or to use the abstraction from the classical era in painting: perspective. The question of space and its representation, are reoccurring themes in the work and are based on the constant reusing and recycling which Idoia Montón started employing in her early work. In “ A room to sit in” 1992, two small paintings which represent her paper cut-outs hang on the back wall of the depicted space. Since then she has always been at ease with these sharp twists repeatedly suggesting the coexistence and concurrency of planes, tearing up the registers on which she had based her previous works. In addition it is a suitable means of representation for keeping a cool distance during the process, a deliberate attitude that leans towards dissection. It is more pragmatic and analytical, its strategies defy classification.

The permanent presence of versions which offer the artist’s different solutions to the question of space make us think that although the preface to each proposal is more or less visible or known, the reiteration confirms that when something happens so regularly it reveals a disposition, a drive or an instinct which goes beyond the will and consciousness. Windows doors, mirrors, screens, labyrinths, fields functioning as figures and backgrounds or paintings hung on the walls are not lost in the illusion of those spaces perspective creates but quite the contrary: the simultaneity of action opens and enriches the space, which is ultimately the memory’s way of seeing -not the eye’s.


S.T. | 2010 | Acrílico, ceras y collage sobre cartón | 111 x 75 cm


S.T. | 2010 | Acrílico, ceras y collage sobre cartón | 105 x 75 cm


S.T. | 2010 | Acrílico, óleo y collage sobre cartón | 75 x 75 cm


S.T. | 2010 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 72 x 45 cm


El “grifo” mítico| 2010 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 44 x 48 cm


La tele en el estudio | 1999 | Acrílico y collage sobre cartón | 67 x 42,8 cm


Los ángeles y las bestias | 2001 | Óleo sobre tela | 110 x 159 cm


Taller | 1999 | Acrílico y collage sobre tabla | 133 x 80 cm | Colección particular